Australia’s Largest Suspension Playground Opens in Port Macquarie

We were invited to the WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening Party today. 🥳

It was a fantastic opportunity to experience this unique local attraction before it officially opens to the public on Monday 19 September 2022 – perfect timing for the upcoming school holidays!

The celebrations commenced with Uncle Bill’s Welcome to Country and a Smoking Ceremony, followed by local Aboriginal Dances. Uncle Bill mixes the Biripai language with English to welcome us to his country, Biripai country. In doing so, he asks us to respect the ocean, land, rivers and the many natural splendours, as this respect ensures the health of our country and its people.

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening Ceremony in Port Macquarie

Biripai Performances

After the formal part of the day was concluded, we were set free amongst the trees!

Suspended in the gum tree canopy of Cowarra State Forest, WildNets is a massive network of interactive, interconnected spaces made of taut netting securely fastened between the trees. 🌳

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

The two blue slides are how you escape!

There are colourful ball pits, slides, interactive toys and giant inflatable balls that cast rainbow shadows on the forest floor.

Bounce, run or walk over the vast play spaces and suspension bridges. Swing in hammocks or climb into the treehouses for a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding koala habitat.

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

One of two Treehouses

The two treehouses offer some steady ground to catch your breath and soak up the surrounding bushland. 

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

One of the Family-friendly Rooms

Experience a whole new sense of gravity as you bounce from room to room discovering a variety of fun games!

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

Moving between Play Spaces

With something for all ages, there are 3 main areas. The family-friendly green rooms with ball pits, a 3D maze, hammocks, and treehouses. Blue rooms for the adventure seekers, with skills games and challenges. And the high-Intensity red rooms where you can go wild and work up a sweat!

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

The 3D Maze

If a slower pace is preferred, there are lots of places to sit back and watch the fun unfold.

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

One of two Ball Pits Play Spaces

Koala Conservation

Koalas are the star of the show. WildNets is located at the Guulabaa tourism precinct, which means ‘place of koala’ in the Gathang indigenous language. The precinct is built around the world’s first koala breeding program by Koala Conservation Australia, and half the profits from WildNets go towards conserving the endangered marsupial. We think that’s pretty cool! 🐨

“It has been wonderful to see the precinct gradually take shape, first with the road and bridge and now with WildNets’ nets and rooms in the treetops,” says Sue Ashton, Chairperson of Koala Conservation Australia. “WildNets will offer visitors places to jump, slide, play and laugh in amongst the trees and help people to appreciate nature, the outdoors and wildlife including our unique koalas.”

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

Inflatable Horses – so much fun!

The Big Koala

In the spirit of celebrating the beloved koala, Guulabaa is home to The Big Koala, a two-and-a-half-metre tall fibreglass sculpture. 

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

The Big Koala

Award-winning Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail features 83+ individually designed one-metre high Hello Koalas sculptures to discover across the Greater Port Macquarie region. The Big Koala is the latest and most spectacular Hello Koalas sculpture on the trail.

Port Macquarie artist Pauline Rood used the Big Koala as a canvas to showcase koalas living in their native forest habitat.

WildNets Adventure Park Grand Opening in Port Macquarie

The Big Koala by Pauline Roods


Guulabaa is set to become a unique visitor attraction and education precinct for the Mid North Coast. Showcasing wild koalas and the local Biripi culture, the tourist precinct will include a café and an Aboriginal art gallery run by Bunyah Aboriginal Land Council.

The world-first wild koala breeding facility will become a significant facility for the rehabilitation and breeding of wild koalas.

WildNets’ partnership with Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW), the land manager of the Cowarra State Forest, made the project possible. The aim is to create an award-winning tourist precinct providing nature-based experiences that focus on koala conservation, sustainable forest management through traditional Aboriginal practices, as well as treetop adventures and education.

“We are so proud to bring Wildnets to the forest for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. This is just the first exciting stage of our new tourism hub at Guulabaa, and we look forward to many more,” says Kathy Lyons, Senior Manager of FCNSW.