TORTUGA Festival 2023



Bare Maximum


Westport Park
Port Macquarie

Friday 22 September to Sunday 8 October 2023

TORTUGA 2023: A Daring New Arts Festival

Welcome to the enthralling world of TORTUGA 2023: A Daring New Arts Festival, set to captivate the vibrant town of Port Macquarie from Friday 22 September to Sunday 8 October. Embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and boundless imagination as you’re introduced to an unprecedented celebration of artistic expression.

Conceived by the ingenious minds of a local power couple, Gordo Gamsby and Lucy Gamsby Frost, the founders of Bare Maximum, TORTUGA emerges as a testament to their unwavering passion for the arts.

Having traversed the globe for over 15 years, leaving their indelible mark on some of the world’s most illustrious artistic stages, Gordo and Lucy have now returned to their roots in Port Macquarie, Gordo’s cherished hometown.

17-day Arts Festival

TORTUGA is not merely a festival; it’s an audacious fusion of creative ingenuity and unbridled audacity. The festival’s name itself evokes a sense of adventure, mirroring the spirit of the daring endeavour that it is. Step into a realm where boundaries are shattered, conventions are challenged, and artistic boundaries are pushed to the brink.

Video: TORTUGA for Families

For 17 exhilarating days, TORTUGA will transform Port Macquarie into an epicentre of artistic convergence, featuring an eclectic array of performances, exhibitions, workshops, and immersive experiences that span across various artistic disciplines. From avant-garde visual arts to boundary-pushing theatre, from thought-provoking multimedia installations to cutting-edge musical performances, TORTUGA promises an unmissable experience that will leave you enthralled and inspired.

As the sun sets on the tranquil shores of Port Macquarie, the stage is set for an arts extravaganza that will redefine your perception of creativity. Join us in celebrating the union of local roots and global experiences, as TORTUGA 2023 beckons you to be a part of history in the making. Unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in a world where art knows no bounds. Get ready to be moved, challenged, and exhilarated – this is TORTUGA, the arts festival that dares to dream beyond the ordinary.

TORTUGA 2023: Shows

Opening Gala

🗓️ Fri 22 Sept 2023
⏰ 7pm – 8pm

Celebrating the launch of TORTUGA 2023. Hosted by festival favourite Lilikoi Kaos, be the first to see a sneak peek of jaw-dropping acts for this year. Please note, this is a PG-rated event.

The Amazing Drumming Monkeys

🗓️ Sat 23 Sept – Mon 2 Oct 2023
⏰ Times vary per day

Australia’s favourite family puppet show is coming to Tortuga! A clever combination of puppetry, live music, comedy, and heartwarming themes, results in a funny and engaging show for the whole family. Perfect for 2 to 8-year-olds.

The Pitts Family Circus

🗓️ Sun 24 – Sat 30 Sept 2023
⏰ 5pm – 5:45pm

A classic feel-good family circus show with a lot of humour about families that everyone can relate to! Acts include family group acrobatics, juggling, duo adagio acrobatics, diabolo, hand-balancing, and father-and-daughter acrobatic act.

Best of Kids Cabaret

🗓️ Sat 23 Sept – Sun 8 Oct 2023
⏰ 5pm – 5:45pm

Whether you are young, or young at heart this is the show for you! Featuring circus, comedy acrobatics, music and more.

Untamed Cabaret

🗓️ Sat 23 Sept – Sun 8 Oct 2023
⏰ 7pm – 8:30pm

Cut loose with jaw-dropping acrobatics, hilarious antics, tantalising circus and side-show stunts. Strictly 18+.

TORTUGA 2023: Workshops

Flying Trapeze

🗓️ Sat 23 Sept – Sun 8 Oct 2023
⏰ 10am, 12:30pm + 3pm

New for 2023. Dare to fly at Tortuga with Circus Arts Australia. Suitable for 5 years and over. Groups are of mixed ages and abilities. 10 participants per session.

Circus Workshops

🗓️ Thu 5, Fri 6 + Sat 7 Oct 2023
⏰ 3:30pm to 4:15pm

Try your hand at juggling, hula hoops, spinning plates and more. Guided by professional circus performers George and Lil from Beeswax and Bottlecaps. Suitable for 6 years and over. No experience is necessary.

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