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It’s time to explore Greater Port Macquarie, search for its hidden gems, and seek out all the family-friendly awesomeness the region has to offer!

But where should we being? The Greater Port Macquarie region is teeming with attractions and family fun, I’m sure of it, so let’s dig a little deeper.

Family Fun Greater Port Macquarie

The Greater Port Macquarie seems perfect for family fun, with numerous beaches, river systems, national parks, coastal rainforests, state forests, zoos and wildlife parks, the rolling green hinterland, and a fascinating history. We look forward to exploring it all!

Port Macquarie

A paradise of natural attractions and outdoor adventures. Port Macquarie is only 4 hours north of Sydney or 6 hours south of Brisbane, along the The Legendary Pacific Coast.

“The Port Macquarie region is known for its beautiful beaches, scenic drives, ancient forests and snorkeling sites waiting to be explored.

From peaceful coastal walks to high-energy water-based activities and camel rides on the beach, there are plenty of ways to spend a day by the sea in Port Macquarie.

Taste fresh local produce, including cheeses and oysters, in Port Macquarie’s many gourmet cafes and restaurants, or whip up your own creation with produce available direct from the farm gate.”

~ Source: Visit NSW

There are plenty of ways to spend time with the kids in Port Macquarie. From swimming and surfing at many of the gorgeous beaches, to exploring Aboriginal history on a rainforest walk, we look forward to exploring them all!

Camden Haven

The beautiful Camden Haven is located 20 minutes south of Port Macquarie and 40 minutes north of Taree.

“This ‘Valley of Villages’ hugs the Camden Haven River as it makes its way from the lush Comboyne Plateau to the blue Pacific Ocean.

A key drawcard to the district is the myriad of waterways which make up the Camden Haven Inlet. Watson Taylors Lake, Queens Lake, Pilot Beach and Gogleys Lagoon are some of the natural features which are home to an abundance of marine and bird life. These waterways offer something for all lovers of water sports with fishing, boating, surfing, swimming and kayaking on offer.”

~ Source: Visit Camden Haven

Calm waterways, bountiful fishing, gorgeous national parks and beaches. We look forward to exploring the waterways and natural features of the Camden Haven.

Hastings Hinterland

Wauchope has long been on the tourist trail for its iconic family attraction Timbertown Heritage Park, and its location as the gateway to the Hastings Hinterland.

Only 15 minutes to the west of Port Macquarie, Wauchope is a beautiful town with a range of attractions and activities in a magnificent rural setting.

“A place that boasts rustic country town charm. Wauchope and the surrounding areas offer an abundance of activities such as horse riding and water activities on the river. Spend your day relaxing in the town centre, perusing the local boutique stores or enjoy a good coffee at one of the many cafes and eateries Wauchope offers.

Get to know the wildlife at Billabong Koala Park or visit one of the many natural attractions such as the beautiful Bago Bluff.

Go camping for the weekend and get a dose of nature exploring the local landscape and historical attractions.”

~ Source: Visit Wauchope

With over 40,000 hectares of national parks and state forests, the Hastings Hinterland sounds like the perfect destination for family adventurers and those of us looking to enjoy nature’s wonderland.

We look forward to immersing ourselves in nature and exploring the Hastings Hinterland.

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