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Autumn Planting Guide NSW

Essential kitchen gardening tips in our Autumn Planting Guide NSW. Enhance harvests, protect plants and boost productivity. Happy planting!

Planning Your Kitchen Garden

Explore practical tips for planning your kitchen garden – from soil preparation to layout design. Start your kitchen garden journey today!

Kitchen Gardening for Busy Mums

Discover kitchen gardening tips for busy mums! Grow fresh produce at home with your family. Bond, nurture and harvest wholesome ingredients.

The Lost Plot Spring Fair 2023

Celebrate the splendour of spring and join in the festivities at The Lost Plot Spring Fair this September. Your journey into a day of community celebration and natural beauty awaits!

GROW Kids Farm Tour

We headed on a little adventure to Toms Creek to visit GROW. What is GROW you ask? Why it’s a farm! Join us on our GROW Kids Farm Tour.



Silo Art Trail