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R : Recipe

The Success Recipe for Birth has 4 basic key ingredients divided into Mind Set, Skill Set and Tool Set.

Mind Set: The way we think.

Skill Set: The actions we take to have the best birth possible with our set of circumstances.

Tool Set: The tools and processes we use to stay calm and relaxed through labour and birth.

The Recipe To Birthing Success:

  1. Knowledge: (mind set) your knowledge is only powerful when you take some action steps (skill set) and apply the action steps of knowledge to your birthing circumstances. Knowledge without action just remains as information that you have, but you’re not acting upon. So in regards to birthing, it’s just information that isn’t being actioned.
  2. Tools: (tool set) lots of easy to apply tools and processes, to stay calm and relaxed through labour and birth. There is a whole toolbox of birthing tools that you can learn and choose your favourite, but you need to take the whole birthing toolbox with you to your birth. You never know what tools will serve you best on your birthing day.
  3. Support: (skill set) your birthing support person (often your intimate partner, but not always) and professional caregivers – midwives, doctors and doulas.
  4. Preparation: (mind set/skill set) preparing your mind and your body from completing a positive birthing program such as Hypnobubs (online) or another birthing class of your choice.

These are the 4 simple ingredients for a peaceful and positive birth experience, no matter how your baby chooses to enter this world Earthside.

Whether you have a normal birth or a caesarean birth – we’ve got you covered. Our tools and processes work equally as well for either kind of birth.

And remember, it doesn’t matter how your baby enters the world, you’ve birthed your baby Mumma!

It’s just your job to follow the recipe just like you would if you were cooking dinner.

“Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.”
~ Virginia Di Orio

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This article is part of Noelene Dwyer’s Pregnancy A to Z Essentials Series

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