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E : Essential Oils

Essential Oils are Mother Nature’s natural solutions. They are the protective part of the plant to keep the plant healthy and protect against threats and disease.

Essential Oils can be used throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. They can even be used to replace toxic chemicals in your cleaning cupboard!

Essential Oils DigestZen and Ginger can be used to support digestion and morning sickness.

Why not make a hot ginger tea with boiled water and ginger?!

Lemon, grapefruit, lime, wild orange, tangerine can be used in water – only use glass or stainless steel never plastic for your water.

In the birthing room you can use Balance Grounding Blend and Wild Orange – a perfect uplifting and balancing combination.

Clary Sage can be used to assist strong surges in labour.

Baby can have Frankincense – applied to the crown of head as an anointing oil.

Myrrh The Oil of Mother Earth can be applied to the umbilical cord stump as a healer and sealer.

Balance can be applied up baby’s spine and under the feet to balance baby to life Earthside which is so different to Inutero.

Lavender is wonderful for relaxation and sleep for both Mummy and baby.

This is just a small sample of how you can use essential oils for pregnancy, labour and birth. This information is meant as general advice.

“You never understand life until it grows inside of you.”
~ Sandra Kassis

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This article is part of Noelene Dwyer’s Pregnancy A to Z Essentials Series

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