This article is part of Noelene Dwyer’s Pregnancy A to Z Essentials Series

A : Affirmations

Positive birth affirmations, positive self-talk, statements for a positive birth … whatever you call them, affirmations are positive acceptance statements, stated in the here and now to attract goodness into your life.

I’m referring to pregnancy and birth specific affirmations here, but this process will work for any area of your life. Designed to help programme your subconscious to tune into your natural ability to give birth, your strength and resilience.

“I love birthing affirmations. Not only are all the messages beautiful and uplifting but they are also the sentiments of love and support that I wish all women who are birthing can listen to.”
~ Hypnomum Rebecca

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Positive Acceptance Statements

Always state what you want, as if what you are wanting is already a done deal. Fake it till you make it!

  1. Start with the words ‘I am’. These are the two most powerful words in the English language.
  2. Use the present tense.
  3. State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you do not want.
  4. Keep it brief.
  5. Make it specific.
  6. Include an action word ending with -ing.
  7. Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.
  8. Make affirmations for yourself, not others.
  9. Sticky notes – stick your affirmations all around your home and in your car.
  10. Mirror work – say them often with emotion whilst looking at yourself in the mirror.


A small collection of positive pregnancy and birth affirmations for your inspiration.

Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation - Happy & Grateful
Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation - Confident, Happy & Safe
Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation - Breathe Love
Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation - Harmony

This article is part of Noelene Dwyer’s Pregnancy A to Z Essentials Series

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