As a first time Mumma living without family or friends close by I found our Mothers’ Group and later on Playgroups invaluable.

The playgroups were a great way to connect with other parents, form new friendships and build a supportive network around us. They were also a great social outlet and learning experience for our daughter.

We were very lucky to have found such a fantastic group of people through these networks, our own little tribe to help us through the first few years of our daughter’s life.

What is playgroup?

Playgroup is a lightly structured, informal gathering where parents, carers, babies and kids up to school age come together in a relaxed and friendly environment to connect, play and learn. Essentially it is one of the first and most important social networks for kids and families.

Sessions are usually held once a week and typically involve craft activities, outdoor play and morning tea.

Finding a playgroup

We’ve put together a list of Playgroups in Greater Port Macquarie to assist you in finding support, when/if you need it.

Every playgroup is as unique as the people that attend, so it’s recommend that you contact the playgroup coordinator to gain a general idea of how the playgroup works, the ages of kids attending, session fees, and any other questions you may have.

Playgroup Australia
1800 171 882 or 02 6103 0173

Playgroup NSW
1800 171 882 or 02 9684 9500

Port Macquarie Playgroups

Rollands Plains Playgroups

Local Playgroups

Little Bowerbirds Playgroup

Little Bowerbirds Playgroup is an introduction to Steiner Education and can be a place to meet other like-minded parents and share in the journey of parenting.

Using beautiful, natural play materials such as wood, wool and silk and many of the toys have been hand made by members of the Port Macquarie Steiner School community.

When: currently on hold
Where: TBA

Contact: playgroup @ port macquarie steiner

Little Explorers Playgroup 🌿

Little Explorers Playgroup is for children aged 0-3 years and their family members to explore natural spaces and network with other families who enjoy spending time in nature.

The Nature School reconnects children and their families to nature within Greater Port Macquarie region.

When: Each Monday 9:30am-11:30am (Starting February 1st)
Cost: $60 pp for 5 week block ($12 per child per session)
Where: Cassegrain Winery, 10 Winery Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Co-ordinator: Belinda Ryde-Castle
Contact: playgroup @ the nature school

Little KUCA Playgroup

Little KUCA Playgroup provides preschool children and their carers a friendly and supportive environment. Enjoy indoor and outdoor play areas and a variety of activities including art, craft, games, morning tea, music and story time. Please contact Port Macquarie Uniting Church to confirm availability of places.

When: Tuesday + Thursday mornings during school terms from 10:00am to 12:00pm, $20 per term.
Where: Administration Centre Port Macquarie Uniting Church, 1 Sherwood Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Co-ordinator: Port Macquarie Uniting Church
Contact: 02 6581 2414

Noah’s Ark Playtime

Noah’s Ark Playtime playgroup is for parents and their young children aged 0-5 years. Providing an opportunity to interact with other parents and children, have fun, sing, play games, participate in craft and other activities.

When: currently on hold
Where: Port Macquarie Salvation Army, 110 Lord Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Co-ordinator: Church Office
Contact: 02 6583 7444

Port Anglican Playtime

Port Anglican Playtime offers a friendly and nurturing environment where your child will enjoy a variety of outside and indoor free play, group time and craft. Enjoy time playing with your child and build relationships with other parents in a relaxed setting. All welcome.

When: currently on hold
Where: the hall behind St Thomas’ Anglican Church, 50 Hay Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Co-ordinator: Cam King
Contact: cam @ port anglican

Rollands Plains Playgroup

When: Fridays from 9:00am
Where: Rollands Plains Upper Primary School, 719 Upper Rollands Plains Road, Rollands Plains NSW 2441

Contact: 02 6585 8180
Playgroup NSW: Rollands Plains Playgroup