To kick off September, welcome in Spring and to officially launch our Kids Port Mac adventures, we are making September 2015 all about playgrounds in Greater Port Macquarie.

I have to tell you Miss 3 is loving this idea, not only will she be turning 4 in September, but she also gets to visit as many playgrounds as we can manage, it is going to be an awesome month!

We will compile our list of playgrounds to explore throughout September below, if you have any to add, please let us know, we want to explore as many as we can in September. We will not only add each playground to our community, we will give you the Inside Scoop about our time at each one.

What an exciting month we have coming up!

If you would like to get involved, please use the hashtag #kidsportmac across your favourite social media channels, so we can keep up with your playground adventures as well 🙂

Local Playgrounds

The locations of our growing list of playgrounds in Greater Port Macquarie area to explore include: Beechwood, Bonny Hills, Comboyne, Dunbogan, Herons Creek, Kendall, King Creek, Lake Cathie, Lakewood, Laurieton, Long Flat, North Haven, Pappinbarra, Pembrooke, Port Macquarie, Sancrox, Telegraph Point and Wauchope.


  • Wade Park Playground, Beechwood Road, Beechwood

Bonny Hills

  • Bonny Hills Community Hall Reserve Playground, Graham Street, Bonny Hills
  • Rainbow Beach Reserve Playground, Beach Street, Bonny Hills


  • Pioneer Park Playground, Hill Street, Comboyne


  • Dunbogan Reserve Playground, Camden Head Road, Dunbogan
  • Pilot Beach Reserve Playground, Pilot Beach Road, Dunbogan
  • Wallace Reserve Playground, Scarborough Way, Dunbogan

Herons Creek


  • Kendall Tennis Court Reserve Playground, Graham Street, Kendall
  • Norrie Reserve Playground, River Street, Kendall

King Creek

  • Narran Park Playground, Narran Close, King Creek

Lake Cathie

  • Explorers Way Reserve Playground, Explorers Way, Lake Cathie
  • Foreshore Reserve Playground, Ocean Drive, Lake Cathie
  • Lake Cathie Hall Reserve Playground, Mullaway Road, Lake Cathie


  • Laura Place Reserve Playground, Laura Place, Lakewood
  • Scribbly Bark Reserve Playground, Scribbly Bark Place, Lakewood


  • Laurieton Oval Playground, Castle Street, Laurieton
  • Laurieton Oval Tennis Courts Playground, Tunis Street, Laurieton

Long Flat

  • Long Flat Reserve Playground, Oxley Highway, Long Flat

North Haven

  • Bunnys Corner Playground, Ocean Drive, North Haven
  • Wall Reserve Playground, The Parade, North Haven


  • Pappinbarra Hall Reserve Playground, Pappinbarra Road, Pappinbarra


  • Moroko Park Playground, Pembrooke Road, Pembrooke

Port Macquarie

  • Absalom Reserve Playground, Beechtree Circuit, Port Macquarie
  • Amethyst Way Reserve Playground, Amethyst Way, Port Macquarie
  • Ashdown Reserve Playground, Ashdown Drive, Port Macquarie
  • Bellangry Park Playground, Lake Road, Port Macquarie
  • Blair Reserve Playground, Blair Road, Port Macquarie
  • Calwalla Reserve Playground, Calwalla Crescent, Port Macquarie
  • Ferry Reserve Playground, North Shore Drive, North Shore
  • Greenmeadow Reserve Playground, Greenmeadow Drive, Port Macquarie
  • Hudson Avenue Park Playground, Hudson Avenue, Port Macquarie
  • Innes Lake Park Playground, Corner of The Ruins Way & Point Drive, Port Macquarie
  • John Dick Reserve Playground, Ruschcutter Way, Port Macquarie
  • John Downes Park Playground, Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie
  • Mimosa Park Playground, Koala Street, Port Macquarie
  • Muston Street Reserve Playground, Muston Street, Port Macquarie
  • Nottingham Drive Reserve Playground, Nottingham Drive, Port Macquarie
  • Oxide Park Playground, Oxide Street, Port Macquarie
  • Rotary Park Playground, Stewart Street, Port Macquarie
  • Ruins Way Park Playground, The Ruins Way, Port Macquarie
  • Sandhurst Reserve Playground, Sussex Court, Port Macquarie
  • Settlement Point Reserve Playground, Settlement Point Road, Port Macquarie
  • The Boom Reserve Playground, The Jib, Port Macquarie
  • Town Beach Park Playground, Stewart Street, Port Macquarie
  • Town Green Playground, Horton Street, Port Macquarie
  • Waterlilly Park Playground, Brindabella Way, Port Macquarie
  • Westport Park Livvi’s Place Playground, Park Street, Port Macquarie
  • Yarranwood Park Playground, Hamlyn Drive, Port Macquarie


  • Sancrox Reserve Playground, Colvin Street, Sancrox

Telegraph Point


  • Allan Road Reserve Playground, Allan Road, Wauchope
  • Bain Park Playground, High Street, Wauchope
  • Cameron Street Reserve Playground, Cameron Street, Wauchope
  • James Street Reserve Playground, James Street, Wauchope
  • Lasiandra Park Playground, Cameron Street, Wauchope
  • Reservoir Park Playground, High Street, Wauchope
  • Sister City Park Playground, High Street, Wauchope
  • Timbertown Estate Reserve Playground, Timbertown Crescent, Wauchope
  • Timbertown Tennis Courts Playground, River Street, Wauchope

We’d appreciate your help in keeping this information up to date and in ensuring we have covered everything on Playgrounds in Greater Port Macquarie. If you have anything to add to this page or feel a correction should be made please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Page last updated: Friday 17 April 2020