Alissa O'Keefe

Kids Port Mac Author Alissa O'Keefe

Local Mum of Two and Owner of Thrive Health in Port Macquarie

Alissa O’Keefe is a devoted mother of two and a passionate local business owner. She is the founder of Thrive Health, a dedicated center focused on supporting children with autism and ADHD. Alissa is committed to providing comprehensive care and creating tailored programs to help children thrive.

Alissa’s articles focus on:

  • Navigating autism and ADHD diagnosis.
  • Integrative therapy and support for children.
  • Updates and insights on Thrive Health programs.

Articles by Alissa O'Keefe

Navigating Autism & ADHD Diagnosis in NSW

Navigating Autism & ADHD Diagnosis in NSW

Discover the essential steps involved in navigating autism and ADHD diagnosis in NSW. From recognising early signs to accessing support services, learn how to guide your child through the diagnostic process effectively.


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