Gaye Leanne

Kids Port Mac Author Gaye Leanne

Local Mum of Two and Owner of Heartworx in Port Macquarie

Gaye Leanne is a dedicated mother of two and an accomplished local business owner. She is an award-winning artist and the founder of Heartworx, a vibrant art studio in Port Macquarie. Gaye is passionate about helping children express themselves creatively and offering a supportive environment for artistic exploration.

Gaye’s articles focus on:

  • Creative art projects for children.
  • The benefits of artistic expression for kids.
  • Highlights from local art events and workshops.

Articles by Gaye Leanne

Meet Gaye Leanne

Meet Gaye Leanne

We’d love you to meet Gaye Leanne, an award-winning local artist and founder of heARTworx in Port Macquarie.


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