Full Moon + New Moon Phases in 2021 for Mid North Coast NSW Australia

Phases of the Moon

The Moon is lit up by the sun as it orbits the Earth. At times we see the whole Moon from Earth, and other times we only see small parts of it. The Moon does not send out its own light, we only see the parts that are being lit by sunlight. These different stages are called Phases of the Moon.

The New Moon is the first primary phase. It occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon.

The next phase is called the Waxing Crescent, followed by the First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous and then Full Moon.

The Full Moon appears in the night sky when the Sun and the Moon are aligned on opposite sides of Earth.

As the Moon continues its orbit it then becomes a Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Waning Crescent, and back to the first primary phase of a New Moon.

Each phase repeats itself every 29.5 days.

“Just as future eclipses of the Sun and Moon are indicated in the present relations of those bodies, so are future earthly lives indicated in what now lives within us.”
~ Rudolf Steiner
Moon Phases

Moon Phases

New Moon 2021

  • Wednesday 13 January 4:00pm
  • Friday 12 February 6:05am
  • Saturday 13 March 9:21pm
  • Monday 12 April 12:30pm
  • Wednesday 12 May 4:59am
    Micro New Moon
  • Thursday 10 June 8:52pm
  • Saturday 10 July 11:16am
  • Sunday 8 August 11:50pm
  • Tuesday 7 September 10:51am
  • Wednesday 6 October 10:05pm
  • Friday 5 November 8:14am
    Super New Moon
  • Saturday 4 December 6:43pm
    Super New Moon

Full Moon 2021

  • Friday 29 January 6:16am
  • Saturday 27 February 7:17pm
  • Monday 29 March 5:48am
  • Tuesday 27 April 1:31pm
    Super Full Moon
  • Wednesday 26 May 9:13pm
    Super Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse
  • Friday 25 June 4:39am
  • Saturday 24 July 12:36pm
  • Sunday 22 August 10:01pm
    Blue Moon
  • Tuesday 21 September 9:54am
  • Thursday 21 October 1:56am
  • Friday 19 November 7:57pm
    Micro Full Moon + Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • Sunday 19 December 3:35pm
    Micro Full Moon
Moon Phases 2021

💡 Did you know? In most Aboriginal cultures, the Sun is regarded as a woman, and the Moon is a man.