Meet Natalie Fenn - Port Macquarie Kinesiologist

We’d love for you to meet Natalie Fenn, a highly sought-after Kinesiologist, local homeschooling mum, and the owner of Blossom Healing in Port Macquarie. Recently, we caught up with Natalie to ask her a few questions about her life in Port Macquarie and her local business.

Hi Natalie👋 You moved to the Greater Port Macquarie a few years back, what made you make that decision?

We pulled up in Port Macquarie in mid-2018 after travelling Australia in our caravan for 18 months.

During our trip around Australia, we stayed in Port and thought it was beautiful and the climate was a great bonus. We had also heard about The Nature School and thought that would be a great place for our little free-range daughter to attend. So once our travels were over we decided to settle here.

Meet Natalie Fenn

📸 Natalie Fenn

What is it about Greater Port Macquarie that your family loves most?

Definitely the community, I’m pretty social so I like to stop and have a chat with anyone and everyone and I’ve found that most locals here are the same. Everyone is always pretty happy to stop and help a neighbour out or make suggestions of a cool place or activity they have found.

There is a real shared camaraderie, particularly from the beautiful mothers and families in the area. Plus there is always something fun on in town, from NAIDOC days to art exhibitions, markets and sports. All the family is covered here.

What is your family’s favourite place to go exploring in Greater Port Macquarie?

We love taking drives on rainy days out to all the water holes and waterfalls. One of our favourites is Rawsons Falls. Then you can stop in at the cafes in Comboyne for a big feed in the arvo on your way home, after working up and appetite.

What is your ideal family staycation in Greater Port Macquarie?

Originally from Melbourne, we live for arts and culture so we love that Port Macquarie has lots on offer that are family-friendly and often free. We will often catch a show at the Glasshouse and just wander through the galleries around the place. We loved checking out all the shows and workshops that were on offer last year at the Tortuga Festival so can’t wait to see what they will bring back in Sept 2023.

Which beach in Greater Port Macquarie is your family’s favourite?

Shelley Beach at high tide is definitely our go-to. We always seem to get that ‘rock star car park’, we love that it’s never overcrowded and that it feels like a little lagoon that you can splash and snorkel around in. At low tide, it is also really fun to search the rockpools for a cheeky octopus or regal starfish.

Which park or playground do your kids love to visit the most in Greater Port Macquarie?

I’m not sure if it’s more to do with the location being so close to Blue Cow Gelato as there is always a mandatory stop there on the way home, but Town Green is wonderful. We will often meet friends there for an early picnic dinner so the kids can play, run around or even swim off the wharf and the parents can have a chat and watch the dolphins in the river.

Where is your favourite place to eat out with kids in Greater Port Macquarie?

We like to be a bit fancy when we go out so our favourite place is Bills Fishhouse, they have some great options for kids’ meals and the staff are always happy to have a chat with our 7yo and make sure she always has everything she needs including a nice mocktail.

Or if it’s a mummy-daughter lunch date then Sushiko Japanese is where you will find us, my daughter loves watching the fish in the tank there swimming around. Or we will grab a takeaway pack and find a spot to sit down on the newly renovated wharf.

Are you able to give us The Inside Scoop on your local business and how you got started?

I’ve been a Kinesiologist for over 12 years now and took a few years off when my daughter was young, but the pandemic really made me question what brought my heart joy and I decided that it was definitely time to return to that work and working with families with small humans.

Meet Natalie Fenn Kinesiologist

📸 Children’s Kinesiology Session

Every session is different depending on the client and what they are needing to address. For children, it’s often things like anxiety and stress management, shock, behavioural issues, digestive upsets and sensitivities, bed wetting, learning difficulties and treatment for a range of brain integration issues including learning, memory and concentration challenges.

For adults, I’ve worked with clients with everything from chronic pain to childhood emotional wounding or just being stuck on where to move forward in their life.

What do you love most about what you do?

That I get to witness so much healing, as I say to my clients it is them that are “doing the work and healing” I am just helping facilitate that. Also being able to contribute to our community.

In a previous life, I worked in early childhood education and have always known that working with children was something I would continue with. Children respond so well to kinesiology and over the years its really become a passion of mine to work with children and families as a whole unit in my sessions. I’ve developed some great techniques for our smaller humans that aid in healing and growth processes and wanted to get this out to children before the need actually arose for them to come and see me in my clinic too. I’ve always said, “when you nourish the seed it blossoms and the transformation is magical”.

From my own experience in women’s circles and my clinic, I knew there was a need for children to have the opportunity to form a really solid foundation in self-love and open communication. When children start out with these tools, it then filters out into the family and the wider community. So I love offering workshops for our small humans to obtain some more wisdom and really blossom.

What are your tips for balancing work, life, family and hobbies?

Fill your own cup first, there is a reason why they said “apply your own oxygen mask first” that’s because we can’t give our best to our children, families and community if we are depleted.

The beautiful part about the Mid North Coast is that there is always so much on offer you can link self-care with all those things. Like attending a women’s wellness program or craft circle at the community centre, spending a weekend camping with the family at Hat Head or being lucky enough to LOVE what you do for a living that working with others actually inspires you.

For people wanting to know more about your work or connect with you online, where can they find you?

If you or a loved one has a young human you feel would benefit from one of my children’s workshops, or you feel like your higher self is calling you to address something and you need some assistance translating that in a Kinesiology session reach out to me by emailing me or you can get more information about Blossom Healing through my website (

You can sign up for my mailing list so you never miss something I have on offer and I often share some great tips and gifts in my newsletter.

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Thank you for your time, Natalie. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you more and gaining your unique insight into Port Macquarie life.

Natalie Fenn’s commitment to holistic health and her community shines through in her work at Blossom Healing. Her expertise in kinesiology and passion for wellness provide valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Whether you’re interested in natural healing or integrative homeschooling, Natalie’s experiences and knowledge are sure to inspire you.

Learn more about Blossom Healing and how Natalie supports your healing journey with understanding, nurturing and empowerment.