Kids Farm Tour

We headed on a little adventure to Toms Creek to visit GROW. What is GROW you ask? Why it’s a farm! 🌻

Join us on our GROW Kids Farm Tour. 🌿

This was to be our first visit to the farm and I have to admit I was just as excited as the kids! As they say, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. 😉

GROW Kids Farm Tour - The drive out to GROW Farm.

The drive out to the farm was amazing in itself. We headed out of Port Macquarie towards Wauchope and onto Long Flat. 🌿

Just after the township of Long Flat, we turned left down River Street which turned into Toms Creek Road. 👩‍🌾

We winded our way through amazing countryside towards the GROW Farm. 🌾

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Cows on the road.

Along the way we crossed many cattle grates, saw cows and their calves grazing along the roadside, as well as horses and a few wallabies. 🐄

There was so much to see and we hadn’t even reached the farm yet! 🌾

“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.”
~ David Suzuki

GROW Kids Farm Tour - The drive through the property.

We were met at the farm gate entrance by our lovely hosts Cardia and Amber. 👩‍🌾

Joining with other families for the GROW Farm Tour, we all set off in a convoy down the farm track. 🌾

It is important to note that 4WD or All Wheel Drive vehicles are recommended when visiting the GROW Farm. Your lovely hosts will meet you at the gate and drive you into the property if needed.

GROW Kids Farm Tour - The GROW Farm Gardens.

GROW Sustainable Gardens

Our first stop was the GROW Sustainable Gardens where we were treated to a delicious morning tea. 🌾

Miss 9 declared they were the best scones she has ever tasted! 😋

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Scones for morning tea.

As we enjoyed our morning tea everyone wandered through the gardens while learning about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. 🌿

The adults also enjoyed convesations about planting trees, garden design and farming practices. 🌲

The kids then decided it was time to see the animals! 🐾

GROW Kids Farm Tour - The GROW Farm Gardens.

Animals at GROW Farm

We then got the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature’s natural gardeners! 🐐

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Feeding the Baby Goats.

There were two adorable baby goats the kids got to feed and then hold. 🐐

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Hold the Baby Goat.

There were adorable Miniature Horses to feed. 🐴

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Feeding the Pony.

And more Miniature Horses to feed! 🐴

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Feeding the Miniature Horses.

We then came across the main herd of goats. 🐐

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Feeding the Goats.

And then more goats appeared and we found ourselves inside the pen with the goats on the outside, cheeky goats! 🐐

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Feeding the Goats.

We even got to shake hands good-bye with the kelpies! 🐶

GROW Kids Farm Tour - Shaking hands with the Kelpies.

Visiting the GROW Farm was a great way to get to know our beautiful region even further. As well as gain some valuable insight into sustainable family living and gardening. 🌱

We’ll be back for another visit soon, we’d love to try the Mini Mountain Goat Tour next … seems Miss 9 has fallen in love with the goats! 🐐

Learn more about the GROW Farm.