Mid North Coast Floods March 2021

Local Alex McNaught shares with us an aerial view of how Port Macquarie looked on Saturday 22 March 2021:

It’s heartbreaking watching all the footage come through of our local region underwater. 💔 I’m finding it hard to fathom that in the last few years our community has endured drought, fires, COVID-19 and now floods.

I’ve been contemplating what I can do to help… then it dawned on me seeing all the GoFundMe pages start to fill my Facebook feed – how am I going to keep track of all the local emergency fundraisers coming through? I want to contribute to as many of them as I can, so I’ve decided to gather them all here.

Let’s get behind our local families and local business owners who have been through so much already and show them they are not alone. 🙏

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”
~ Shannon L. Alder

Local Families

Local families in need of financial support:

Local Businesses

Local businesses in need of financial support:

Amy & Ben Brookes

Helping our family get back on their feet ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Bryana Lovett.

Amy & Ben watched the water levels rise on their property and prayed it wouldn’t reach their house, but it just kept coming. They did everything they could, but the rain was so heavy and soon they were swimming. The water levels got so high their family sought refuge on the roof of their cars.

Ben swam to the other side of their property to find their tinny. He managed to get his children and animals to safety first and go back for his wife and mother in-law. Leaving their family home and property behind, with everything being washed away. 

Amy & Ben’s family have lost so much including Ben’s work van and all his tools for work as a carpenter/builder. The clean up has been huge but they have had so many amazing people helping and are so very grateful.

We hope to heal these initial financial burdens as they’ve lost nearly everything. 🙏

Brigadoon Holiday Park

Help the residents of Brigadoon rebuild ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Daniel Guymer.

The permanent residents of Brigadoon Holiday Park are a very close community. Many are elderly and have lived there for 10+ years.

With the recent floods most of the resident have lost everything. And unfortunately due to the massive cost of flood insurance when living next to a river, they simply couldn’t afford to insure.

This GoFundMe page is to try and make the shift from evacuation centres back into their homes a little easier. The resident will more than likely be coming back to massively damaged homes and won’t have the funding to repair to a liveable condition.

We would love for the community to band together and raise some much needed funds for Brigadoon residents. 🙏

Casey & Chris Langenbaker

Let’s help rebuild Casey & Chris’ family home ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Andrew Miller and Shannon Grams.

Casey, Chris and their little family need your help. They have lost all their possessions in the devastating floods at Telegraph Point this weekend.

They have insurance for their house, but do not have cover for their contents or 2nd car. As a young couple, they have battled to get on their feet, raise their 2 beautiful daughters and buy their own home in the later part of last year, while both working fulltime.

Unfortunately very little will be salvaged from their place. They will be starting with a blank canvas. Please help get this family back on their feet.

Any donations will be gratefully accepted. 🙏

Chris Howard

For Dad ❤️
Fundraiser organised by his daughter Lily Howard.

My Dad Chris Howard and his animals live at Rawdon Island.

On Friday night everything including livestock, machinery and his home was swept away by the horrible floods that are along the Mid North Coast.

My Dad is the hardest worker I know and we are devastated that years of hard work can all be taken away so quickly.

Luckily Dad is safe, but unfortunately for everything else it’s going to be a long road to recovery and clean up of what has been left behind. With natural disasters it’s so hard feeling very hopeless.

Lily’s hopes that by raising money for her Dad she can give him the hope he needs to feel supported and not alone. 🙏

Dunbogan Caravan Park

Help Dunbogan Caravan Park residents move home ❤️
Fundraiser organised by park owner Cicely Sylow.

Dunbogan Caravan Park was inundated with flood waters on the weekend of 20 and 21 March 2021.

18 homes belonging to individual residents, as well as park infrastructure was flooded. About 15 other homes sustained flood damage to non-habitable areas that stored washing machines and other goods. None of the residents have flood insurance. They are mainly pensioners and elderly or on disability pensions and need help to restore their homes and their lives.

Your kind donations will be managed by Steve and Cicely (the park owners) 🙏

East Port Veterinary Hospital

Port Macquarie Flood Affected Animals ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Renae Kelton.

We are raising funds to help provide urgent veterinary care, food and supplies for flood affected animals within the Port Macquarie area.

Many animals in the area have been devastated by the emerging flood waters. These animals have been stranded and have endured injuries as a result. Essential veterinary care and food supplies are required for the survival of these animals.

All forms of donations are appreciated and can be dropped off at East Port Veterinary Hospital or monetary donations via the GoFundMe link. 🙏

Just Brows

Please help repair and rebuild Just Brows ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Melanie Duggan.

Just Brows, who brought eyebrow revolution to Port Macquarie needs our help and support in this devastating time.

Sonu and her amazing team brought a new and unique look and feel to Port Macquarie and surrounding townships. People that knew or used this service will greatly feel the absolute devastation of losing this business due to the floods.

Being a small local family business they did everything they could including sandbagging to protect their shop, they truly deserve our support during this incomprehensible time.

Although insured, floods are not covered and the small family owned business now face the difficult task of rebuilding their once successful business.

Thank you in advance for your support in this truly testing time for all involved. Any donation will make a significant difference to this family. 🙏

Megan Nourse

Flood relief for Megan and her family ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Marie Heath.

Megan and her family have lost their home this weekend to the devastating floods that are happening here on the Mid North Coast.

Anyone that knows Megan knows that she will be the one helping out follow neighbours and putting her needs to the side. That’s just who she is and one of the things our community loves about her.

Midwives Australia has started this fund raising effort, not just be able to kick in some financial assistance, but to extend their support and love to a midwifery colleague that gives of herself endlessly and now needs to know we care for and about her. They will also be trying to coordinate getting some birthing supplies to Megan to replace those lost.

Thank you in advance to all that assist Megan 🙏


Melissa Murray & Ray Rumble

Help Melissa, Ray & their son Travis replace the basics ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Melissa’s sister Kelly Leech.

Melissa Murray, her partner Ray Rumble (Thunder) and their 4 year old son Travis have lost everything. Their family home in Beechwood has been washed away in the recent floods. The water rose so fast, they only managed to leave with the clothes on their back.

Melissa and Ray are always helping everyone they can, but now they need a little help to start again from scratch.

Any donation to help this little family back on their feet will be greatly appreciated. 🙏

Miss Nellie’s Café

Help repair and rebuild Miss Nellie’s Café ❤️
Fundraiser organised by café owner Jenelle Nosworthy.

A local icon since 2012, Miss Nellie’s Café is located in the heart of Kendall, a small rural town 30 minutes south of Port Macquarie.

During the devastating floods in March 2021, Miss Nellie’s was inundated with floodwaters throughout the café despite a committed effort by locals and friends to sandbag and protect the shop from the rising river levels as it burst its banks.

Although comprehensively insured, floods are not covered and the small family owned business now faces the arduous task of repairing and restoring their beloved 100 year old building and 9 year old business back to it’s hard-earned successful status. 🙏

Rivermark Café

Rivermark Recovery ❤️
Fundraiser organised by staff members Lauren Lo Monte and Katelyn Trudgett.

A local favourite for the past 22 years, the Rivermark Café overlooks the Hastings River in Port Macquarie.

Unfortunately the Rivermark Café has been inundated with flood water. The extent of the damage is currently unknown.

The owners have also had their family home impacted by the floods and their wonderful staff wish to seek them some help with their business.

The staff are seeking community support towards the Rivermark Recovery, any amount big or small 🙏

Tarcoola Equestrian Centre

Help rebuild Tarcoola and their family home ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Felicity Evans.

On Friday 19 March 2021 the rivers rose rapidly and inundated Tarcoola Equestrian Centre with water. Nothing was spared. The arena, fences, machinery, the horse float and the house was underwater.

Rachael and her family were able to get all the horses, dogs and cats to safety but not without wading through water, cutting fences and having to leave their home behind.

Once the waters receded, they could see what the power of nature had taken away from what they had worked so tirelessly creating. The horse float was around a tree, fences and sunshades were flattened, their water pump station destroyed, jump poles were in trees.

Tarcoola is a special place to so many people in our community. It provides a place for learning, connection and respite from the busy world.

This money is to help rebuild Tarcoola and their family home to what it once was. To try and restore some of what the water has taken away and to say thank you to Rachael for all she does for the horses and our community. 🙏

The Cubby House

Rebuild and replace for The Cubby House & Cub Café ❤️
Fundraiser organised by café owner Felicity Crocker.

The Cubby House has had a rough start, starting literally days before COVID-19 came to our region.

They’ve battled many obstacles to still be here this past year and are feeling very deflated to be in this position now. To not actually know where the financial impact of this is going to end up is heartbreaking.

Their insurance isn’t covering the flood damage and the disaster relief package that has been released so far only gives access to a loan – a loan they would not know how to repay at the moment.

The Cubby Owners, Felicity and April, hope to be fully functioning and providing their love to our community again really soon. 🙏

Tunstead Oysters

Help Tunstead’s rebuild their business ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Lisa Conroy and Anna Riske.

Tunstead Oysters are a local family run business growing the finest Sydney Rock Oysters right here in the Hastings River.

Locally we all know David Tunstead (Tunny) in our own special way.

Tunny is a 4th Generation Oyster Farmer and it hasn’t been an easy time for him and his family for a while now.

We’ve all been affected by the fires then COVID. But for an Oyster Farmer the continuous rain over the busiest time of the year, Christmas meant the river never opened and he lost about $100,000+ in sales.

Now the floods have come and it’s the worst he has seen.

Tunny’s oyster shed has been wiped out and it’s not going to be an easy task to get back.

Not only did Tunny push aside the fact he has lost everything, he got in his boat and has been working tirelessly to save people from their homes and continue to drop off food supplies to others in need.

As a community lets help him rebuild his business, that supports his family. 🙏

Verity and Nick Emslie

Help Emslie family of 6 rebuild after 2021 flood ❤️
Fundraiser organised by Verity Emslie.

The Emslie family home flooded during the devastating floods at Telegraph Point this weekend.

They did their best to try save things, but their fridge, carpert, walls, front door, mattress, food, shoes, oven… all wet and gone.

The water came rushing down, the flow and current was moving so fast, it was better to shut the door and leave.

Sadly the children’s school and preschool at Telegraph Point also suffered.

Please help this family of 6 rebuild their home. 🙏

Whalebone Wharf

Whalebone Flood Disaster Relief ❤️
Fundraiser organised by restaurant owner Nathan Tomkins.

The Whalebone Wharf restaurant is an icon of the Mid North Coast. Nestled on the banks of the Hastings River, since its establishment in 1971.

On Friday 19 March 2021, with a restaurant full of diners, the police ordered everybody to evacuate due to escalating flood waters and record breaking rainfall. Within hours the restaurant was completely engulfed.

The effects have been absolutely devastating. The restaurant has lost everything and will receive no insurance assistance. They had only just began to regain strength since the debilitating impact of COVID-19. However, they are determined to get through this! 🐋