Wauchope NSW 2446

Come explore Wauchope with Kids Port Mac. Wauchope is located within the Greater Port Macquarie region of the Mid North Coast NSW Australia.

Wauchope includes the localities of Crosslands, Rosewood, Wauchope and Yippin Creek.

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Explore Wauchope

Wauchope is approximately 20 kilometres west of Port Macquarie via Oxley Highway B56.

The Wauchope area is bounded by the Hastings River in the north, Kings Creek in the east, the localities of Herons Creek and Bago and the Oxley Highway in the south, and the locality of Huntingdon in the west.


Wauchope NSW 2446


Wauchope Attractions

Wauchope attractions include:

  • Broken Bago State Forest
  • Timbertown Pioneer Village
  • Historical Society Museum
  • Camp Griffiths
  • Fairmont Gardens Playing Fields
  • Lank Bain Sporting Complex
  • Wauchope Swimming Pool
  • Andrews Park
  • Apex Park Reserve
  • Bain Park
  • Blackbutt Park
  • Charlie Watt Reserve
  • Clareville Park
  • Fairmont Gardens
  • James Street Reserve
  • Landrigan Park
  • Lasiandra Park
  • Montrose Park
  • Reservoir Reserve
  • Rocks Ferry Reserve
  • Sister City Park
  • Yippin Creek Reserve

Did you know…

Wauchope is thought to be named after Captain Wauch, an early landowner.

Settlement of the Wauchope area dates from the 1820s when cedar was cut.

A village was established in 1836 when the first land grants were made.

The population grew steadily in the 1800s, especially during the 1860s and 1880s when many timber mills and a butter factory were built.

By 1880 Wauchope had developed as a timber town at the centre of a dairying and cattle raising district.

Significant growth occurred from 1914, spurred by the opening of the railway line.


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