Telegraph Point

Telegraph Point NSW 2441

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Located within the Greater Port Macquarie region of the Mid North Coast; Telegraph Point (or Tele Point) is set on the Wilson River, with Cairncross State Forest to the south and Ballengarra State Forest to the north.

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Explore Telegraph Point

Telegraph Point is approximately 20 kilometres north of Port Macquarie via Hastings River Drive and Telegraph Point Road.

Telegraph Point

Telegraph Point NSW 2441

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Telegraph Point for Families

Checking all the boxes for nature lovers, the region’s natural beauty speaks for itself.

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Did you know…

European settlement along the Wilson River began in the 1820s in association with the penal settlement at Port Macquarie.

The area played an important role in the logging of the surrounding forests and establishing agricultural farms.

Several old wharves can still be seen with the best-preserved on the south bank of the Wilson River alongside the traffic bridge at Log Wharf Reserve.

The township of Telegraph Point was named for the telegraph line which crossed the river in 1869.