Introducing Wheelie Safe Kids

Wheelie Safe Kids (WSK) is an innovative and interactive bicycle safety program created for school-aged children across Australia. Founded by Pete Murray, an experienced Primary School teacher and International Sports Commentator, this program aims to raise awareness of bike safety among all kids.

Wheelie Safe Kids Port Macquarie

Through engaging and practical workshops, WSK focuses on educating the youth about the importance of bike and road safety, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

“This program teaches bike safety, instils confidence, and encourages an active lifestyle among kids. It’s an invaluable addition to any school’s curriculum.”

Wheelie Safe Kids Bicycle Safety Program

Program Highlights

Wheelie Safe Kids, led by Pete Murray, offers an exciting and educational experience. The program focuses on several key areas:

  • Bike Safety: Teaching kids essential safety skills to prevent accidents.
  • Road Safety: Educating children on navigating roads and traffic safely.
  • Active Healthy Lifestyle Promotion: Encouraging kids to adopt an active lifestyle.
  • Practical Bike Safety Course: Hands-on training for safe bike handling and traffic riding.

The launch of the Wheelie Safe Kids bike education program began in schools in May 2024, generating significant interest. This top-tier bike safety education initiative offers schools an excellent opportunity to equip their students with invaluable knowledge and skills. Contact Wheelie Safe Kids today to receive a proposal and bring this impactful program to your school.

Where are Wheelie Safe Kids?

Based in Port Macquarie Wheelie Safe Kids offers comprehensive bike safety education to schools across Australia. The program includes educational talks, personal helmet fittings, and practical skills courses using WSK and kids’ bikes.

Schools, principals, teachers, and event organisers can bring this essential program to their students, ensuring they learn life-saving skills in a fun and interactive way.

During school holiday times, WSK also runs free local workshops for kids in the Port Macquarie area. Keep an eye out for details on these sessions!


Port Macquarie NSW 2444

About the Founder

Pete Murray, a local from Port Macquarie with over 18 years of experience as a Primary School teacher in NSW, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Wheelie Safe Kids program. As an International Sports Commentator and ex-pro-athlete, Pete is passionate about educating kids on bike safety and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. His experience in sports commentary and education uniquely qualifies him to lead this fantastic initiative.


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