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Homegrown Organics is located within the Greater Port Macquarie area of the NSW Mid North Coast.

“We have loved living here with our 6 kids since 2008, firstly in a camper van in the grove where our campsites are, then in a caravan while we built our house. Our kids have grown up roaming all 273 acres on foot and horseback, learning how to make their own fun, how to make things, how to work, how to grow their own food, and how to be good citizens. Now it is time for us to share the joy of this place with you and your kids.”
~ Desley

Homegrown Organics

Introducing Homegrown Organics

Homegrown Organics supplies Mid North Coast families with year-round fresh organic produce direct from their market garden.

Homegrown Organics Family

They also love helping families experience the delights and realities of nature and country life, with on-farm experiences packed with fun activities.

Nature-based Farm Workshops

Throughout the year Homegrown Organics hosts unique nature-based farm workshops for children and their families. Workshops are suitable for different ages, with the option for parents to leave their children or stay and participate.

Kids in the Bush

An outdoor adventure that builds resilience and teaches basic bush survival skills.

Equipped with a map, compass and a bunch of enthusiasm, the young explorers are ready to go! Heading off with their experienced guides on their adventure-filled mission, they will learn basic survival skills as they have loads of fun and make new friends along the way.

Kids in the Garden

Fun exploring the wonders of nature that make our food grow.

The playground for the day is the commercial organic veggie garden. Kids will learn the basics of how to prepare garden beds, plant seeds, raise and transplant seedlings, look after plants, and how and when to harvest veggies in season.

The children will forage for their lunch, and prepare a garden-to-plate meal for you!

Kids On Fire

A fun, social and hands-on experience that will build respect, confidence and appreciation for the power of fire as kids learn fire safety and fire skills.

Fire has long been a blessing for humans for light, cooking, comfort, signalling, hunting, burning waste, clearing land, and manufacturing metal items … and today it is as essential as ever. We also know fire can be an incredibly destructive force, the 2019/20 bushfires are a recent reminder of how a great blessing can become a terrible curse. The aim of Kids On Fire is to teach kids how to utilise the blessing and avoid the curse.

Every participating child will receive a FIRE MASTER hat pin to wear with pride on completion of the day!

Campfire Craft

Sitting around a campfire and cooking a meal tinged with smoke is one of the delights of life. Appling our creative energies kids will make campfire tools and furniture that will last a lifetime. Projects include a folding timber and canvas camp stool, and a deluxe toasting fork.

Campfire Cooking

A fun experience that invites children to get their hands dirty and forage for their lunch. They will then prepare, cook over the campfire, and serve you their delicious creations – a true garden-to-plate experience.

Kids under the Stars

A family night around the campfire, cooking damper and jaffles and sleeping in swags.

The campsite is in the grove next to the market garden, so you don’t need to completely rough it, with toilets and a hot shower nearby. If you’ve never camped before, this authentic and safe camping experience might be the first of many family camping trips!

The Kids under the Stars experience is for the whole family to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Off The Grid Living

Essential skills that make the big move to the country easier and more sustainable.

In this hands-on and ask-any-question workshop, Rod shares nearly a lifetime of country living and country property development experience to help make country living work for your family.

Suitable for adults, with children welcome but not catered for.

Where is Homegrown Organics?

You can find the Homegrown Organics Farm in Upper Rollands Plains, near the Wilson River in the beautiful Port Macquarie Hinterland.

Selling organic vegetables at local markets and via home delivery in the Port Macquarie and Wauchope areas.

0401 145 087


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665 Upper Rollands Plains Road
Upper Rollands Plains NSW 2441

Homegrown Organics

665 Upper Rollands Plains Road
Upper Rollands Plains NSW 2441

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