Goodwin Tennis

Serving Up Fun for Local Families

Welcome to Goodwin Tennis: Where Fun Meets Professional Coaching

At Goodwin Tennis, the focus is on bringing the joy of tennis to families in the Greater Port Macquarie area of the NSW Mid North Coast. Their motto? “Fun, Friendly and Professional Coaching.” The belief held is that learning tennis should be an exhilarating adventure for everyone, from kids taking their first swing to experienced players honing their skills.

Where Can You Find Goodwin Tennis?

Families can catch Goodwin Tennis at various locations across the Mid North Coast:

Welcome to Goodwin Tennis: Catering to everyone from competition players to the youngest ‘hot shots’, it is an inclusive community with a strong emphasis on promoting friendly fitness for the entire family.

Individual Tennis Lessons: Tailored for You

Whether a newbie or a seasoned player aiming to up their game, Goodwin Tennis offers individual tennis lessons designed to boost confidence and skills. It’s not just about forehands and backhands; the focus is on understanding what tennis means to each individual. The coaches build a program that aligns with goals and motivations.

“My daughter and I have weekly lessons with Matt, and we both love every minute of them!! Matt’s a great coach but more than that he makes the lessons fun, so it’s great for all ages, even the little ones!! I gladly recommend Goodwin Tennis for all levels of tennis players!!”
~ Sherylyn Ratcliffe

Tennis for Kids: A Sport for a Lifetime

Tennis is a fantastic sport for kids, offering a host of benefits. It’s not just about physical fitness; it’s about building confidence, making friends, and having a blast on the court. In a safe, non-contact environment, kids develop their fitness, motor skills, and technique, all while having fun.

For those young players eager to take things up a notch, the junior development squads are by invitation only. Here, fitness and technique are assessed to create a tailored training program. Weekly matches and tactical training sessions help junior players refine their skills and prepare for regional tournaments.

Programs for Kids (Ages 3 – 18)

  • Hot Shots Program (Ages 3 – 12): This nationally recognized Tennis Australia program is specially designed for kids. With modified equipment and courts, it ensures that even the youngest players have a ball on the court.
  • Junior Development Squads (Ages 12 – 18): For the competitive spirit in your child, the junior development squads focus on advanced techniques, tactics, and strategy. Weekly matches and regional tournaments provide the perfect platform to showcase their skills.

Goodwin Tennis Approach: Fresh, Fun, and Flexible

The belief at Goodwin Tennis is in keeping things exciting. The qualified coaches blend traditional techniques with innovative methods, ensuring that every lesson, program, and clinic is engaging and effective. Whether a budding pro or a ‘hot shot’ in the making, families will find a welcoming community dedicated to family-friendly fitness.

Locations for Your Convenience

Families can find Goodwin Tennis at the following venues:

  • West Port Macquarie Tennis Club, Port Macquarie
  • St. Columba Anglican School (Official Coaches of SCAS), Port Macquarie
  • Port Macquarie Adventist School, Port Macquarie


West Port Macquarie Tennis Club
33 Woods Street
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Active Kids Vouchers: Welcome Here!

At Goodwin Tennis, they’re proud to accept Active Kids Vouchers, making it even easier for families to get involved in the exciting world of tennis.

Families are invited to discover the thrill of tennis with Goodwin Tennis. Join them for lessons, programs, and a whole lot of fun!

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