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Blossom Kinesiology & Intuitive Healing is located within the Greater Port Macquarie area of NSW Australia.
“Your body has the innate ability to heal itself.”
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Introducing Natalie Fenn

Blossom Kinesiology & Intuitive Healing is Natalie Fenn, a highly sort after Kinesiologist with over 10 years experience working with children and families.

Natalie supports your healing journey with understanding, nurturing and empowerment.

Kinesiology is a beautiful, gentle healing experience whereby we use muscle testing to tap into the body’s messages and subconscious to clear any stress that you may be experiencing and balance your energy.

Holistic Kinesiology

The fundamental belief in Holistic Kinesiology treatment is that your body has an innate healing power and as long as the mind, body, and soul are balanced; it will continuously heal itself.

However, when the flow of energy is blocked, the muscles, the tissues, and every organ are affected. By uncovering the hidden causes of health problems by exploring the subconscious, the body’s ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Essentially, kinesiology is simply treating the imbalance in the body’s energy.

Kinesiology Sessions

Using Kinesiology Natalie helps you align and realise the connections between the spiritual, emotional, physical and biochemical levels in a truly holistic health care model.

Using muscle testing to discover and pin point blockages and traumas in the body that may be manifesting in a physical way, or a reoccurring story or pattern in your life.

Once we find an area that needs attending, whether that is in the form of an organ, muscle, meridian, chakra or on a much deeper emotional level, we can gather information and clear and balance you to that using tools like;

  • Australian Bush Flower Essenceses
  • EFT / Tapping
  • Brain Gym
  • Sound Therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Energy Movement
  • And so many more!

Kinesiology can aslo help you connect to your inner divine self and let go of the ancestral patterns. These are the emotional blocks and baggage that stop you from living life to your full potential.

If you feel like your higher self is calling you to address something and you need some assistance translating that, reach out to Natalie.

Kinesiology for Kids

What can Kinesiology help kids deal with? Kinesiology can help both children and adults deal with any stress that they are experiencing in their lives, some of the issues may include:

  • Anxiety & Stress Management
    Treating the root cause of anxiety, panic attacks and fight/flight response.
  • Behavioural Issues
    Treatment for behavioural concerns in children of all ages. 
  • Digestive Issues
    Treatment for colic, reflux, constipation,  other childhood digestive complaints.
  • Immunity Issues
    Treatment of recurring Immune issues including infections, eczema, acne and other skin conditions.
  • Learning Difficulties
    Treatment for range of  brain integration issues including learning, memory and concentration challenges.

Where is Blossom Kinesiology?

Blossom Kinesiology & Intuitive Healing is located in Port Macquarie, offering the follow services to individuals, children and families:

  • Kinesiology Standard Session
    Regular Sessions 1 hour $90
  • Kinesiology Initial Session
    First Session 80 – 90 minutes $120
  • Children’s Kinesiology Session
    Initial Session 30 – 40 minutes $60
    Subsequent Sessions 20 – 30 minutes $50

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Blossom Kinesiology & Intuitive Healing
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Blossom Kinesiology & Intuitive Healing

Port Macquarie NSW 2444