Surf Schools Guide

If you’re keen to get out on the water, you’re in the right place! Discover all the great surf schools in the Greater Port Macquarie and surrounding regions.

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”
~ Phil Edwards

Surf Schools on the Mid North Coast

Why Choose Surf Schools on the Mid North Coast?

The Mid North Coast is renowned for its stunning beaches and perfect surf conditions, making it an ideal location for both beginners and experienced surfers. Local surf schools provide expert instruction, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Benefits of Surfing

Surfing offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. It improves cardiovascular fitness, balance, and strength, while also reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being. Surfing can be a fun and rewarding way for kids and adults to stay active.

Types of Surfing Lessons

Explore a variety of surfing lessons available, including beginner lessons for those new to the sport, advanced coaching for experienced surfers, group sessions for families and friends, and private lessons for personalised instruction.

Safety Tips for Surfing

Ensure a safe surfing experience by following these tips: always wear a leash, choose the right surfboard, be aware of your surroundings, and follow the instructions of your surf instructor. Local surf schools prioritise safety to provide a fun and secure environment.

Local Surf Schools

Discover local surf schools on the Mid North Coast that offer comprehensive lessons and programs. Learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about surfing and dedicated to helping you improve your skills and confidence in the water.

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