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We love the Greater Port Macquarie area and cannot wait to share it with your family. You’ll find destinations to explore, discover our community and fun things to do with kids, check out what’s on and get the local inside scoop.

Inside Scoop

Get the Inside Scoop from Kids Port Mac. Covering all the family-friendly awesomeness of the Greater Port Macquarie that only an insider would have.

Pregnancy & Birth Recipe

Pregnancy & Birth Recipe

The Recipe to Birthing Success has 4 key ingredients for a peaceful and positive birth experience. Knowledge, tools, support and preparation.

Pregnancy & Birth Questions

Pregnancy & Birth Questions

Questions are always the answer. Have you heard that saying before? Knowledge is powerful when you apply it and take some inspired action.

Pregnancy & Birth Fears

Only the frantic of fear can stop you achieving your positive birth experience. Your body and your baby know exactly what to do.

Pregnancy & Birth Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. They can even be used to replace toxic chemicals in your cleaning cupboard!

Pregnancy & Birth Due Date

Pregnancy is usually 37 – 42 weeks. The earlier your first ultrasound the more accurate your ‘due date’ will be. Keep it all a bit mysterious!

Pregnancy & Birth Colour

Choosing a colour to associate with birth can help create a peaceful, empowered, positive and supportive feeling on your birthing day.

Pregnancy & Birth Breathing

Pregnancy & Birth Breathing is simply the instinctual act of inhaling in and exhaling out, breathing in and breathing out.

Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations

Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations are positive acceptance statements, stated in the here and now to attract goodness into your life. Always state what you want, as if what you are wanting is already a done deal. Fake it till you make it!

Our Community

Discover our community and all that awaits your family in the Greater Port Macquarie area. Let us be your local guide to all the fun things to do with kids on the North Coast of NSW. Find the support and services your family needs.

What's On

What’s On for families living in or visiting the Greater Port Macquarie. Let us be your guide to family-friendly events, what’s on for kids and fun things to do with the whole family.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

Need a gift for Mother’s Day? Shop Locally! The Greater Port Macquarie boasts many local retailers, amazing locally made products and unique gift ideas.

Explore with us

Explore locally with Kids Port Mac. Let us be your guide to family adventures, places to visit and things to do with kids in the Greater Port Macquarie and beyond. Go where the locals go. Explore local, choose local and support local.

Playgrounds Greater Port Macquarie

Playgrounds Greater Port Macquarie

To kick off September and officially launch our Kids Port Macquarie adventures, we’re making September all about Playgrounds in Greater Port Macquarie.